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What People Are Saying

Aisha Hagglund

Community Relations Director

The Meridian at Westwood

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"I have been using SalesMail daily and it has been such a success. I've gotten a couple of deposits and move-ins!"

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Sarah Bucher

Sales Director

Legend of Lancaster

"This has been such an awesome tool to be able to connect with families and leads and referral sources. I've got a lot of really good feedback from families who like the personalization of it."


Katie Beattie

Community Sales Director

Arbor Terrace Citrus Park

"With SalesMail what I hear constantly is that they're able to put a name to a face. When I meet them in person, they feel that they already know me. And it's so much better to share videos and content in a very simple application."


John Morris

Community Relations Director

Wyndham Lakes

"We've seen a lot of great success with it. It's a great way to get people to be more interactive with our videos. We appreciate your product!"


Yvette Evans

Leap Easy Logo.png

VP of National Sales

Leap Easy

"Video is a great touch when you're doing cold outreach because you can put a face to the name right away. It's been very successful. I've gotten great feedback!"

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Elaina Davis

Sales Director

Vitality Living West End Richmond

"I love using the SalesMail tool! It's a really big part of my sales process, and I send a thank-you video to all the families who come in."

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Bri Beil

Area Sales Manager

Grace Management, Inc.

"SalesMail has been an amazing tool to connect with prospects and my team. This has really been a game changer!"


Robert Lord

Executive Director

The Atrium at Liberty Park

"I do post-tour calls to all of our families and prospects. They tell me how nice it is to get this personalized message! So we're loving it here."


Sherry Berk

Community Relations Director


"SalesMail is one of my favorite tools for sales and marketing. I use it on a daily basis. It has helped me on several occasions to close a sale."

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Tatanish Campbell

Sales Counselor

The Blake at Baxter Village

"SalesMail has been the best application I've ever used in a sales position in the past 15 years that I've worked in the healthcare sector. I absolutely love it!"


Lorree Goheen

Director of Community Relations

Atrium Retirement Residence

Responsive Group Logo.png

"Thank you so much for recognizing me as a SalesMail expert. And if I could say one thing to everybody, give it a try. You won't turn back and you won't regret it."

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Roberta Borruso

Director of Community Relations

The Atrium at Veronica Drive

"SalesMail gives me the opportunity to positively and immediately connect with prospects. It's been an amazing experience. I use SalesMail everyday!"

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