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JUNE 7th - 18th

Do you have what it takes to be a SalesMail Olympian? 

We invite you to test your world-class SalesMail skills in the inaugural SalesMail Olympics! This two-week competition gives you the opportunity to #GoForTheGreen and show us what it really means to be a SalesMail superstar. To compete, send SalesMail between June 7th and June 18th and you'll be in it to win it! 

Compete in the following events:



How to win: Get the most total engagement (emoji reactions, comments, and Call-to-Action button clicks) on all the SalesMail videos you send during the contest period.

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How to win: Get the most total views on all the SalesMail videos you send during the contest period.


How to win: Tell us about a time SalesMail helped you “hit the target"! Did you send a video that secured a deposit? Closed a deal? Booked a meeting with a high-value prospect? Made somebody’s day? Using SalesMail, record a video telling us your SalesMail success story and send it to with the subject line “ARCHERY.” Limited to one archery submission per SalesMail User.


How to win: Send us your most fun and/or creative SalesMail video that incorporates a water feature (pool, pond, lake, etc.)! Send your video to with the subject line “SWIMMING.” Limited to one swimming submission per SalesMail user.


Competing in the SalesMail Olympics with your co-workers? An additional award (and bragging rights!) will be given to the TEAM that wins the most medals!


As with all SalesMail, you should consider the following: 

• Message delivery – Conversational tone (not overly scripted), smiling/body language, high energy

• Personalization – Addresses the recipient by name, shares something that's unique to the recipient 

• Setting – Lighting, background, personal touches  

• Animated Preview – Captures attention, shows personalization



Your videos must be recorded and sent using SalesMail beginning on June 7th and ending on June 18th, 2021.

You agree to let us show your videos as an example of a stellar SalesMail. 


Any indication that a user artificially inflated views or engagement numbers (e.g., excessively viewing or liking their own videos) will disqualify them. Videos created just to inflate numbers for the contest will not be considered.

Winners will be announced via Facebook Live at 10 AM CT on July 9th, 2021. 

Follow us on our social channels for updates on the games! 

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SMO Gift Card.png
SMO Gift Card.png




The wait is over!
The 2021 SalesMail Olympics are here! 

Winner Announcements Coming Soon!

Join the Facebook Live announcement and see who made the podium!

JULY 9th, 2021  •  10 AM CT

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