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New Features

SalesMail New Features


Brand Selector Now Available!

Published: January 23, 2024

Brand Selector is perfect for crafting engaging, brand-aligned messages across your portfolio. It will enable you to create more engaging, personalized experiences for prospective residents with brand-specific messages.


Switch seamlessly between your property brands with a single touch. Bring a personal touch to each SalesMail, reflecting the distinct character of every community.


To use Brand Selector, locate the dropdown toggle just above your video in the app, or just below your sharing options on desktop.


To explore the possibilities of the Brand Selector feature and integrate it into your SalesMail experience, please reach out to your account manager.

QR Pro  Now Available!


Published: August 31, 2023

Included as a courtesy upgrade for current SalesMail users, QR Pro lets you easily link your SalesMail videos to dynamic QR codes.


QR codes make it super-simple for people to watch your videos, download your contact information, follow a call-to-action button, or visit your website.


Available through the SalesMail desktop portal, additional features of QR Pro include custom QR code design, scan analytics, your own QR code library, and a lot more!


SalesMailers can log in to their desktop portal to try it out, or contact their account manager to learn more.

Combine High Personalization With AI-Powered Automation

Published: May 3, 2022

Integrate FURTHER's Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA) chat platform with the SalesMail video app to include automated chat conversations with every SalesMail video message you send.


Enhance the prospect experience, elevate your digital strategies, and hit occupancy goals.

Mutual customers of SalesMail and FURTHER can activate their integration here

For full details, read the official press release

Further Screen 1.png


Custom Branding

VSA matches your SalesMail landing page

Targeted Display 

VSA displays once 25% of the SalesMail message is played


VSA workflows designed specifically for SalesMail landing pages

SalesMail Announces Multi-Clip

Published: January 24, 2022

One of our most frequently-requested features, Multi-Clip is now available on iPhone!

Automatically combine multiple clips into one SalesMail to create the perfect video for your recipient.  

With Multi-Clip, you'll captivate prospects' attention, close deals faster, and gain more control over the videos you record. Even better, you can still use your other favorite features like the Beauty Filter and Camera Flip while capturing a multi-clip SalesMail. 


Multi-clip videos are recorded individually, then automatically blended together for your final SalesMail!

The multi-clip timer bar lets you see how many clips you have recorded, delete your previous clip, and view the total duration of your video - three minutes max! 

Multi-clip is great for virtual tours, multi-location shots, or any time you want to capture multiple clips.

Request a demo today!

SalesMail Announces Enhanced Feature Set

Published: November 9, 2020

The newest update to SalesMail brings users a new level of functionality: two-way engagement! 


The enhanced feature set includes custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, comments, emoji reactions, one-click downloadable contact cards, and more. This new version of the app will help users glean better sales insights, drive cleaner conversions, and build deeper connections with prospects, families, and internal team members.


Coupled with enterprise-grade, real-time, in-app reporting, SalesMail gives users the flexibility and feedback necessary to analyze and refine their outreach strategy on a daily basis. 


New features are available for both the smartphone and desktop apps.

Detailed Functionality Includes:

Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

Link SalesMail recipients to landing pages, forms, surveys, calendars, and more

Contact Card 

Let recipients easily add your contact info to their Contacts app

Comments and Emoji Reactions 

See who’s reacting to your messages and engage in two-way communication with comments from recipients

Camera Flip 

Flip camera direction mid-recording without turning your device

Comment Notifications 

In-app ‘notification pulses’ alert you to new comments


Speech-to-text functionality automatically generates a transcript for every SalesMail

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