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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are “Money Making Hours”?
    This feature shows when your messages are most frequently opened and viewed. Use the data from your “Money Making Hours” to refine your outreach for optimal effectiveness.
  • How long does it take for Results to display after I send a SalesMail?
    Results (opens, views, locations) display in real-time.
  • Why aren’t Results showing for my message?
    Results will display only after a SalesMail has been shared via email, text, or other supported social channel. Opens are specific to email opens only, while views are counted each time a SalesMail is viewed – no matter the sharing channel.
  • How accurate is the location tracking for Opens and Views?
    Geo-location is based upon information provided by a mobile provider or ISP and may be an approximation.
  • What are Favorites?
    SalesMail that you favorite are generic messages that can be used over and over again, intended for different recipients. Each time you re-share a favorited SalesMail, the results will still be displayed under the original video.
  • Why should I use my device’s built-in email app to send SalesMail?
    SalesMail that is shared using your device’s built-in (or “native”) email app will lead to higher open and view rates. SalesMail has been optimized for those built-in email apps, so your company branding and custom GIF display in a more eye-catching manner!
  • How do I know what will display in my custom GIF previews?
    The first three seconds of your SalesMail display the animated preview, so get creative with your opening. This will increase your open rates! Remember that animated previews are only generated for SalesMail sent via email.
  • Why can’t I see my branding in the SalesMail I just sent via email?
    We highly recommend that you share SalesMail using your device’s built-in email application. This will allow for your company branding and custom GIF to display in the best possible manner – leading to more opens and views! For more information on how to do this, please contact us at
  • Besides email and text message, what messaging apps do you integrate with?"
    Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack
  • How can I update my company logo and branding?
    Your company logo and branding can be updated from the online dashboard for SalesMail Team users, or by reaching out to us at or (833) 757-6245.
  • How can I update my personal information on a SalesMail?
    You can update your personal information (name, title, phone, etc.) within the SalesMail app. Tap on the Account option and Edit your Contact Card.
  • How long is a SalesMail available to me?
    Your SalesMail messages are always available for you to re-share, view, or track results. They will only disappear if you swipe and delete.
  • How long is a SalesMail available to the recipient?
    The SalesMail URL will always remain live unless you reach out to us and ask that it be taken down.
  • How long should a SalesMail be?
    We recommend anywhere from fifteen seconds to two minutes. The sweet spot is the forty-five to sixty-second range.
  • What should be in the background of my videos?
    Be mindful of what’s behind you when recording. You don’t need anything fancy in the background—just make sure it’s clutter-free and not distracting. If you have signage or a banner with your company logo, that’s a great way to reinforce your brand recognition.
  • What are the best lighting recommendations?
    Make sure the main light source is behind the camera, not behind you. Also check to make sure there are no heavy shadows present when recording.
  • What are the best audio recommendations?
    Eliminate background noise. Don’t stand too far away from your phone. Speak up and talk at a normal pace (not super-slow or too fast). Consider using a lapel mic when recording in noisy environments.
  • Should I use a tripod when recording?
    Yes! Using a tripod prevents shaky footage. There are plenty of inexpensive tripod options available online.
  • What other accessories are beneficial when recording SalesMail?
    A handheld white board with your recipient’s name or clever message is a great way to improve your open rates. A Bluetooth remote will let you start/stop recording from a distance. A lapel mic can provide clear audio if you’re recording from a noisy place, or at an extended distance from your phone. Contact us at for more information about any of these tips.
  • What are some suggestions for being more comfortable on camera?
    Remember that you want to be authentic! This is the best way to make a personal connection and start to build a strong relationship with the recipient of your message. SalesMail videos are not intended to be professional video shoots, and your recipients don’t expect you to be perfect. Just remember to smile and be your genuine self. The more videos you record, the more comfortable you’ll get.

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